Carturner Testimonials Title

I would have to think very hard to come up with another company like Carturner that best represent what the past USA company is all about. I looked at several other turntable manufacturers , Carturner is a simple design from installation to less chance of a breakdown and reasonably priced. Carturner has stood behind their product before and after the sale. I have had the Carturner for about nine plus years of that time, I use it every day and never had a failure or break down. Because of my environment of heavy fog a few section were separating at the seams, I email the company, and immediate respond came back that they will take care of this. I was surprised at the solution, all sections were replaced with a permanent new improved sections, AT NO CHARGE and upgraded to a new remote control system with better features , AT NO CHARGE. Now going on the tenth year, a gearbox noise on one of the drive motor, you will sent me a replacement AT NO CHARGE. This is what I call standing behind your product, no frills no questions, just the goal of a good product and a happy customer. Without sounding like a sales pitch, to folks looking for a turntable for vehicle, look no further and have no worry Carturner has value, durability and an unheard of service and warranty that I have experienced.

Thanks Carturner staff, I hope continual success.

Calvin Fong

Daly City, Ca. 94014