The CARTURNER comes in three finishes: mirrored, brushed and powder coated (non-skid) to allow buyers to have choices to optimize the auto’s display, match your floor or ensure home safety with non-skid.


A CARTURNER Assembled at a Dealership in Hawaii

The CARTURNER comes in three finishes: mirrored, brushed and powder coated (non-skid). Our inexpensive, dependable stainless steel turntables are a great way to display unique autos: classic cars, one-off car builds and high-end luxury cars.

Our CARTURNER quickly installs right on top of your dealership floor, parking lot or lawn in about three hours with no foundation work or electrical work. You can be trying out your CARTURNER before we leave.

If you would like a turntable for your auto dealership’s showroom display, internet photo booth or for an auction house or auto event, please contact us for more information via email: or call (844) 246-7457.


Our Brushed-Finish CARTURNER 

The CARTURNER brand turntable is a Lazy Susan design with two principal components the “spider” and the “pan”. The spider is the underlayment which consists of three stainless steel rings connected by six stainless steel spokes connecting to a Delrin center hub/bearing. The clips that connect the spokes to the rings are also made of stainless steel.

The pan has ten, pie shaped panels, which connect to each other by tongue and groove. They bolt to the solid aluminum hub which fits over the Delrin center bearing/hub on the spider. The pan is tapered to allow run off of water.

For more details about our CARTURNER design including dimensions, shipping weight, design specifications and competitor comparison visit our Product FAQ page.


CARTURNER Wheel Assemblies

There are 70 individual wheel sets under the pan. Each wheel set lines up and runs on one of the three rings of stainless steel.

Each wheel sets consist of a pair of sealed stainless steel bearings, a solid stainless steel axle and a solid Delrin wheel in a glass reinforced nylon cup.

We tested different wheel materials for 2 years. The solid Acetyl/Delrin™ wheels that we use had less wear, less friction and less noise than solid aluminum.



The motor pack is a 24 volt, 50 Watt, DC motor with a reduction gear head and stainless steel axle. Polycarbonate motor suspension arms completely enclose the two stainless steel sprockets and chain drive, cupped at bottom to prevent any flowing water or debris from getting into mechanism.

Each motor pack has a polyurethane direct drive wheel and polyurethane pressure spring. Polyurethane spring costs more than metal springs, but are quieter and offer more precise maneuverability. A motor pack has sealed quick release connectors and each motor assembly is completely covered by the ramps that surround the machine. There are six of these motor assemblies per machine.