The “PowderCoat Finish” CARTURNER comes in standard and a non-skid textured finish, great for outdoor and residential use!


Pricing and Shipping

Powdercoated-finish CARTURNERS can be delivered in a variety of industry-standard colors.


Powdercoated-Finish CARTURNER – Price: $11,900 Plus Shipping and Taxes (CA only)

The CARTURNER comes in three finishes: mirrored, brushed, and powdercoated (non-skid). Our powdercoated-finish stainless steel CARTURNER with its non-skid surface and a choice of industry-standard colors is great for residences. These rugged carousels can be laid on driveways, garages, and floors. All of our CARTURNERS can be assembled by our installers in about three hours and are easily relocated.

The powdercoated-finish CARTURNER published price is $11,900 plus shipping, powder coating fees and any applicable tax (CA only). Installation is included! Your CARTURNER will be in operation the same day the installer arrives.

For more information email or call (844) 246-7457


The three types of CARTURNER finishes are displayed below with the Brushed-Finish on top.


Finishes (clockwise from bottom): Mirror, Powdercoat and Brushed

We offer a three (3) year warranty for the CARTURNER chassis (panel assembly) and one (1) year for all electrical components. For CARTURNERS deployed in continuous use such as in showroom displays, we offer a one (1) year unconditional warranty for all parts.

For more information email or call (844) 246-7457