Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the sexiest Turntable of all? Use a Mirror Finish CARTURNER when you want to show your car in a way it may not be comfortable with.


Pricing and Shipping

The Mirror Finish CARTURNER reflects all details from the undercarriage to the fine lines of the vehicle it is presenting.


Mirror Finish CARTURNER – Price: $12,900 Plus Shipping and Taxes (CA only)

The CARTURNER comes in three finishes: mirror, brushed and powder coat (non-skid).

These rugged auto carousels can be laid on floors, parking lots or even lawns.  We use a 5/8″ MDF base for indoor applications and a 1″ Marine Plywood base for outdoor applications. All of our CARTURNERS can be assembled by our installers in about three hours and are easily relocated.

The Mirror Finish CARTURNER published price is $12,900 plus shipping and any applicable tax (CA only). Installation is included!  Your CARTURNER will be operating the same day the installer arrives. For more information email sales@carturner.com or call (844) 246-7457



The three types of CARTURNER finishes are displayed below with the Brushed-Finish on top.


Finishes (clockwise from bottom): Mirror, Powdercoat and Brushed

We have a three (3) year warranty for the CARTURNER chassis for residential and one (1) year for all electrical components. For CARTURNERS deployed in continuous use such as in showroom displays, we offer a three year warranty for all parts except the motor package. The motor package is warrantied for one (1) year under these types of continuous uses.

CARTURNER offers a “noise attenuating package” for the showrooms and auto displays that want the quiet operation. This package is an additional $400.

See our Professionals page for pricing which offers a commission on two or more purchased CARTURNERS. For more information email sales@carturner.com or call (844) 246-7457