How CARTURNER Started.

“When I realized how difficult it was going to be to reverse out our driveway from our home into traffic with nearly zero visibility, I went looking for vehicle turntables.”

“To my amazement, I found few options. And those options meant high cost, in-ground construction, and lots of time because the construction would require permitting.”

– Bill Schwenker | Founder

Located In Beautiful San Diego

3444 Tripp Ct. Suite #B
San Diego, CA 92121

Telephone: +1-844-246-7457


About Our Company

Our company,CARTURNER, was incorporated in 2002.

We developed our first CARTURNER prototype in 2002. Our first patent, U.S. patent # 6,817,300, was issued to

CARTURNER in November 2004. Our second patent, U.S. patent # 7,631,602, was issued December 2009.


We sold our first CARTURNER 2007, five years after developing our first prototype. 

Our sales are now roughly even between auto dealers/collectors and residential use in driveways and garages.

Up to 10 Programmable Settings to ensure consistent vehicle revolution with a single touch of a button.
There is not a higher quality, lower cost, simpler to install, and more easily maintained Automotive Turntable.

Why choose CARTURNER

  • Stainless Steel
  • Programmable Wireless Controls
  • EASY to install


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